I am sure I am not the only person to find myself easing into my ‘middle years’; in many ways very happy, (I have a husband, 3 children, good friends, a home, and enough money to keep the bailiffs at bay) – but haunted from time to time with a niggling sense of ‘so is this…it?’ Go on, tell me I’m not the only one!

So, this blog is about trying to shake things up. To do stuff that is new, or different, or a break from routine… to stop each day being just like the last until a year has gone by without my noticing. To have adventures. To challenge myself. To redefine boundaries. To laugh. To create fun and silliness. To expand my comfort zone, and maybe even challenge others to do the same. I have a constantly evolving list of things I want to try, things I feel I really should try, things that it terrifies me to even think of trying (and therefore things I should try). I add to it constantly, and you can add to it too. Just send me your ideas…

Many of my doings are not life changingly difficult in themselves, though the cumulative effect is life changing. There will be many folk out there doing more extreme challenges than me. You will not read of me sailing the Atlantic or crossing Mongolia on a yak. Though I’d be up for trying those at some point! But for now, I have 3 kids in primary school; a husband with full time job, and a fast-dwindling pot of money to fritter on my own indulgences. On a good day I think of myself as the ‘Tied-down Adventurer’, seeking possibility and adventure within the limitations of everyday life. On a bad day I think of myself as a work-shy waste of space, but hey, let’s focus on the good days!

So my blog is about livening life up a bit, focusing on fun and challenge, and hopefully building a following that inspires me and my readers to keep doing just that. Writing it reminds me to leave the rice crispies on the floor and go swimming in a lake instead.

I hope you enjoy it, come back soon, and please do send me suggestions of anything I should add to my list of potential tasks! Fun and challenge are the watchwords!

List so far:
Learn carpentry
Take the kids on a (very) long bike ride
Learn a musical instrument
Go bike touring with the children for a week
Wild swimming
Sea kayak around the cornish coast
Raise a lot of money for charity
Get published, in some form
Become a master baker
Repair the roof
Build an extension on the house
Cook foreign foods
Become a charity trustee
Form a ladies football team
Create my own business
Build a treehouse

What else!!???

5 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW – you ARE a LEGEND!! What amazing feats to attempt and so many completed as well! Well done you and good luck with the rest. I wait with eager anticipation to read about all the rest … love it!

  2. I love this idea and this list Caroline. At least half of them terrify me! I put my daughter (7) of food for the day – the results were amazing. I recommend it highly. Could I also recommend rough sleeping morphs into wild camping????

  3. This is amazing and very inspirational. It has got me thinking a lot more about what it means to get out of our comfort zone and how it differs for different people. I like the variation here, from things that are scary, to those that are new, to those that need to be done!
    Carol (Associate at The Leadership Trust)

  4. Really inspiring blog, I love it, just came across it via your linkedin updates. Some of the posts really made me giggle, how on earth did you come up with that list? Some of these take some real guts! It does however make me feel boring and lazy, I’m going to make a start on my list tonight. Sarah.

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