I am sure I cannot be the only person to find myself easing into my ‘middle years’; in many ways very happy, but haunted from time to time with a niggling sense of ‘so is this…it?’ Go on, tell me I’m not the only one!

Years ago, as a young, free, single, happily skint person, I would often be found cavorting across continents, cycling coast to coast, hiking up hills, boating, skiing, touring, exploring, trying anything once… These days, with a house, a job, a husband, three children, a dog, two chickens, bills, commitments, etc, it takes considerably more effort and conscious will to include the fun and adventure and spontaneity in life.  

And yet it is so important to do that. Otherwise, I am nothing but a tedious drudge, getting angrier and angrier as I fill all my hours providing meals and driving little people on their endless round of life enhancing activities.  (Surely its not just me??)

So, I have crafted a list of 50 things I want to do/be/achieve before I am 50, if life is to be as wildly fulfilling as I think it could and should be.  At time of writing, 50 is still a comfortable 6 years distant.  The full list includes a mix of the massive and scary, with more achievable ‘tick-list’ type items, in the hope that by doing them all life might be a) meaningful and b) fun!  The blog charts my efforts to achieve all 50.

It is all about challenging the routine, and prioritising what I truly value… Above all it’s to stop each day being just like the last until a year has gone by without my noticing.  To make sure I remember to have adventures.  To challenge myself.  To include the important things.  To create fun and silliness.  To look back, one day, without regret.  Writing about it helps.  People reading about it helps even more!

So please, dive in, read more, and if anything strikes a chord, please let me know, because I love to hear what people think.