#4: Battenberg

Good lord, what an almighty faff this has been!  Making a Battenberg cake didn’t sound that hard, I admit, and it hasn’t exactly been terrifying, but a thoroughly frustrating business that has revealed all manner of holes in my housekeeping skills!

I meant to do it a week ago.  Didn’t have the ingredients so made a list of what I needed.  Next day went to the shops, but forgot the list.  The day after: finally managed to buy the ingredients.  Great, I thought, I will bake it tomorrow.  But the weekend came and went, with alas no spare 3 hours to attempt Battenberg.  By the 6th day, I was determined.   Looked again at the recipe.  Oh bugger.  I don’t have the right sized cake tin.  Oof.   Never mind.  Borrowed one from a friend.  Started assembling ingredients.  But hold on – I don’t have enough eggs!  How can that be??  I checked all the ingredients only last Thursday…. Oh.  We ate the eggs for tea last night.  Bugger again.  Assembled everything but the eggs; eggs to follow…

Finally, got eggs, got tin, got everything – and spent a peaceful couple of hours in my kitchen, radio on, baking and assembling, nibbling the offcuts, sticking all the bits together – et voila!


I took it along to a play date, to the astonishment of friends who are more accustomed to me turning up with a packet of Happy Shopper digestives (at best!)

All in all I am quite pleased with that one.  Which is lucky as I could be eating it for weeks, since no one else in my house will touch it.  Grrr.

#3: River biking!

Woo hoo!   This was brilliant!

The floods have left all the paths and bridleways round the Cotswold water parks looking somewhat inhospitable to cyclists.  In many places it’s hard to tell where the path ever was; whole fields are underwater.  But, ideal for an adventure.  Some stretches were only under a foot of water, and the bike managed that fine… others went deeper, but the excitement factor is in not knowing when you go in whether you’ll emerge the other side!  The last one was beyond my bike skills and became a very cold wade through knee deep water.

Bracing, but it made for the sort of morning when I am quite happy not to have a job!

river biking close up river biking distance