#85: Seek out some honest feedback about my blog

I have really loved doing this project over the last few months. I have loved all the random experiences that have come my way. And I have especially loved writing about them. And one thing I love even more than all that, is hearing that people have enjoyed reading it.

So I am thinking, only a couple of weeks are left. What then? Might there be some way of making more of it? Not just doing more ridiculous antics, but expanding the whole idea into something more… But what?

Well I don’t quite know what, but it is with such fledgeling ideas in mind, that I have crafted a survey, to find out what folk think of it, more specifically than ‘I like it’ or ‘its crap’.

And you can take the survey here:

I am massively grateful to anyone who can take a moment to fill it in. I won’t know who has said what, but really appreciate any feedback. It should only take a few minutes, and you can skip questions if you have nothing to say about them.

Huge thanks as always to anyone who can help me with this. Also any shares on social media much appreciated!

Thank you

#83: Pitch an article for publication AND #84: Charge an eye watering fee for some work

I haven’t exactly done this solely by myself, but through a cunning partnership with a freelance journalist I seem to be contracted to Chat magazine to make a feature/nob of myself in a couple of months time.

I have made myself available for all manner of embarrassing photography, not least the water skiing endeavour, and for my troubles I am to be paid the princely sum of £100. (Eye watering? Not exactly! But since I am doing no other work at the moment I am not sure what else I can charge for! Suggestions welcome! And I did have to proactively ask for a fee, which I find near impossible to do, so it kind of ticks the box about raising the subject of cold hard cash.)

It doesn’t entirely replace a full time salary, and I doubt it will have huge impact on our mortgaging capability, but it is a beginning!

Onwards and upwards!