#56: Plant a tree

Mission accomplished today, in very pleasant fashion.

A friend in our village last week revealed that she had been following the legendary blog, and might be able to help me with a challenge. She was expecting a delivery of fruit trees, and when they arrived, would I care to come round and help plant them?
Well indeed I would, and this week they are here. (It was particularly happy timing as I had locked myself out of my own house and needed some other purpose to occupy the hours!). So round I went.

And it was a most productive assignment. We planted a fig tree in the greenhouse, a damson tree outside, and in the process I have learnt much about roots, soil types, stakes, online gardening suppliers, types of fruit tree and their preferences… and all from chatting to someone who I would never otherwise have thought to engage in a lengthy discourse about gardening! I came away quite enthused! As soon as I have a garden to call my own I might just attempt to grow some stuff in it!
damson tree

fig tree
I liked getting grubby, I liked doing something productive, and I especially liked learning useful things that I didn’t know. I can’t get enough of these random new experiences, and I love the way it is throwing me into contact with all sorts of people, who are so very nice and helpful.

Now since I’m on a roll, I’m off to ask at the garage if they’d let me drive a bus!