#13: Tidy the house and keep it that way for a week

Oh God, oh God. I have been working on the tidying for days. All the bins and recycling boxes have been filled and emptied many times. Scrubbing, sweeping, hoovering, sorting, binning. Not helped by the tendency of 3 small people to trash the entire residence every time they enter it. Today I thought I was all but there. I heaved a mighty sigh of relief. Put the kettle on. Popped to the loo. And then I saw it.

There was only a DRIED UP NUGGET OF TURD lying in the corner of the bathroom floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feral children!! How could that even happen? It was at least 1.5m from the toilet! Perhaps it was just a lump of mud, I hear you cry. But I’m afraid there can be no mistake. I picked it up and sniffed it. And I am not big on forensics, but I suspect it had not been very recently produced.

Oh help. Anyway. Rest assured that that has now been dealt with, and all is clean and tidy on the home front. I have cunningly timed this one to coincide with a week’s holiday, so staying neat for a week should be achievable.

Slow progress!

Oh dear, I am worried I have included too many challenges that are rather more than the work of a day.   Learn a language, learn an instrument, write a story, knit a pair of socks, learn to ride a unicycle…. what was I thinking of!?  It was funny when it was just a list of words!

Now I am sitting at home on a miserable rainy day, surrounded by a Czech phrasebook, a ukulele, a unicycle, and a baffling array of knitting apparatus… and no idea what to do with any of them!   Where to start?!!