Slow progress!

Oh dear, I am worried I have included too many challenges that are rather more than the work of a day.   Learn a language, learn an instrument, write a story, knit a pair of socks, learn to ride a unicycle…. what was I thinking of!?  It was funny when it was just a list of words!

Now I am sitting at home on a miserable rainy day, surrounded by a Czech phrasebook, a ukulele, a unicycle, and a baffling array of knitting apparatus… and no idea what to do with any of them!   Where to start?!!


4 thoughts on “Slow progress!

  1. Hi Caroline, lovely to hear from you. Yes I have borrowed on, and have been trying with you-tube videos but not much luck so far! I imagine it is just a case of practicing and falling off a lot. Can you ride one then?! Any other suggestions??


  2. Hi Caroline, not me – I only learnt to bicycle no hands a couple of years ago – a feat which i am inordanantly proud of. My son went to a school where practically all the children had uni cycles – apparently it’s very good for concentration and learning to read! It was a very strange sight to see 50+ kids unicycling round the playgroud. Anyway that was about 15 years ago but we still have a unicycle in the shed. I seem to remember Alex was quite bruised and battered one term. I think it was due to uni cycling. Anyway if you are in York (current location of son) anytime soon I am sure he’d be happy to give you a lesson.

    Enjoying reading your exploits, laughed at the no shouting day. I think you did awfully well with only 4 shouts!

    Caroline x


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