#30: Promote myself shamelessly, far and wide!

Well, I have done my best.  I contacted all the local papers I can think of, and several radio stations, and I fear the local rag may feature my ridiculousness sometime next week.  I have also asked everyone I know to tweet/like/share my blog on social media, and the results have been overwhelming – I’ve had over 1000 views a day for the last couple of days!  Thank you so much everyone.

I have considered all the networks that I am still in touch with or vaguely connected to and emailed them the big news – a ginger legend is in the making.   So, charity sector networks, the Clore Social Fellows, University Alumni, Coaching Networks… I have posted links or provided info to all and sundry – we will see what that throws up.

Perhaps most alarmingly, I have emailed everyone in my yahoo address book to alert them to the blog.  And I have not updated my address list since Yahoo was born.  So I am now feeling slightly queasy to think who I might have told about my absurd endeavours.  I wonder how many other parents have emailed our school office this week with anecdotes about pubic topiary.  Oh help.

On the plus side, I have had lovely emails from people who I thought I had lost touch with years or even decades ago, so that has been a delight.  And folk offering help in all sorts of ways – whether to get me published, or drop me out of a plane, or teach me an instrument… tremendous!

If you have any other suggestions about how I can boost my readership, please tell me!  Part of the whole project is to learn more about digital marketing, so any tips are very welcome.  (As are the shares/likes/ follows/comments etc.) 

Thank you to you all for reading, and for your interest and support.  I have really been bowled over by all the compliments and encouragement I have had since I started this.

Onwards and upwards!

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