#35: Learn some kind of useful DIY task

Ok, this is very lame, but I needed to bank a few at the weekend. Here are my coat hooks, erected with my own fair hand and some excitingly throbbing power tools.
coat hooks
And here are my dressing gown pegs.
I don’t think I will be invited onto a Channel 4 home makeover programme any time soon, but it is a start. And I quite like standing on a chair and wielding a noisy drill about the place, even if I do then have to seek advice as to whether I have got it in far enough. (oo er).

#34: Apply to be on a TV game show

This was actually very easy. I have just done it in 10 minutes. I googled ‘apply to be on a TV game show’, and found that Blockbusters is back and is recruiting. Yes, you remember it – ‘I’ll have a P please Bob’ (arf arf). I have just sent in my application form and photograph and I await news of my potential audition. Celebrity beckons! Though I suspect it would be on a channel so obscure that I am unlikely to be stopped in the street as a consequence.

Another one down. Just the 66 remain…

#33: Interact on social media for 3 hours

I have surely done this. I can’t think of a great deal of note to report, but I have been commenting all over the place, tweeting proactively, looking up friends of friends, inviting folk to be my friends, exchanging newsy messages with the people I get back in touch with… is there more to it than that? I have not yet plumbed the depths of completing quizzes to establish how welsh/northern/Londonish I am, but surely that is optional!?

Is there more? Do tell me! And does anyone use the Google + thing? Is that important? Guidance very welcome!