#97: Aqua Aerobics

I managed to squeeze this one in this morning, in between preparations for #98 – organise a party in my own honour!

Thus I spent the last day of my 30s back in the company of the retired community. 15 people gathered in the pool; the vast majority were over weight and over 60. There were some substantial swimming costumes in evidence.

Nonetheless, they were a cheery bunch, though not hugely compliant: the softly spoken lad who ran the class had his work cut out.

Round the pool we went in one direction, then the other. Forwards, backwards, sideways, and then jumping, which reduced the water level considerably. We all got weights and moved them around the pool. It was definitely ‘exercise’; though it didn’t seem to be winning the battle against the bingo wings.

The last 15 minutes saw a relay race that involved everyone lunging from one end of the pool to the other. Everyone was cheating unashamedly.

By the end I noticed I was the only one to have got my hair wet! But it was jolly enough. I have made a note to return in 2035.

#98 is to organise a party in my own honour (the mighty 40th bash scheduled for the morrow); #99 is to attempt the yard of ale (a worthy finale; hopefully to be performed during #98) – and then #100 is to turn all the material into some sort of book. So this is the last report of my 4th decade!

6 thoughts on “#97: Aqua Aerobics

  1. I am devastated that my night time reading has come to an end!! Please get that book published very very soon. It is a winner for sure.
    Thankyou for getting me through so many long chemotherapy hours..you will never know how much the laughter and pleasure has pulled me through a very difficult time. Lots of love Maggie x


    • Thank you Maggie, that is lovely feedback – though I am sorry of course that you are reading in those circumstances… I hope things go well for you xx


  2. Huge congratulations on completing your 100 Challenges!!
    You have kept me highly entertained with your hilarious blog. The hosting of the French students, the pigs head and the whole family singing/playing along to Wonderful Tonight are amongst my favourites! I am pleased to see/hear you too were blessed with the Hukins’ inability to hold a tune!!
    Hope you have a Fabulous 40th! Happy Birthday!!!! Have a wonderful party!!
    Cousin Nicci xxx


  3. A true legend indeed, and we are gutted we can’t come to the grand finale but have an amazing birthday/weekend and there will be an open mic spot for those limericks next weekend….. Xx


  4. Hi Caroline

    Wow – 100 challenges completed. I take my hat off to you. What a fantastic achievement in such a short space of time. I’m loving the comments here – hopefully they will give you even more motivation for writing the book. If you make people laugh and bring joy to others, what a brilliant and important contribution to make to the world. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday and the beginning of a whole new chapter as writer and bringer of mirth and joy to the world. Look forward to speaking again soon….. Trevor


  5. Hi Ginge. We’re currently in Cambodia celebrating Dad’s birthday. Gutted to not be able to see the finale with the yard of ale. Will see you in summer. We are all very impressed and proud of your endeavors, even before the 100 challenges. Happy birthday mate. Doors + girls xxx


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